Underlying my practise is an examination of the self, memory and a desire to both reconnect with and validate past experiences. 

I like to explore themes of reinterpretation and recognition in my work, frequently referencing the natural environment of my early years growing up in rural England.

The materials, textures, colour and process that I choose are laden with memory and association. 

I am influenced by the personally specific, self-expressionistic work of those who have drawn on their past experiences in order to both express and understand themselves more fully. 


In terms of process I am inspired by feminist artists who use ‘craft’ techniques such as sewing and embroidery to recontextualise personal memories.

A Psychology degree and subsequent studies in counselling have also influenced my decision to create conceptual artwork through which the process of making itself holds importance. 

I find the creative process of observing, drawing, moulding and stitching to be personally transformative.

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