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The Scattering

My mother scattered my father's ashes on her own in 1987 and I regretted not being able to participate in that ritual.


In August 2017 I took Memory Stones (soft) and Urn from Australia back to the countryside in England where my father’s ashes lie. 


I asked my brother, a filmmaker, to film me while I scattered my memory stones.

It was the most cathartic and bonding moment we have ever shared and allowed us connect to our feelings unequivocally.


The film was shown at Janet Clayton gallery, Sydney along with the 41 stones, and the urn.



HD digital video, colour, sound, 1 min 28 secs loop

Videographer: Pete Conolly Edit: Angus Whalen

Sophie Conolly 'Scattering' performance (still), 2018, HD digital video, colour, sound cop
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