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Morse Code [botanical]

I started using Morse Code as a way of expressing the ‘unutterable’, translating my own private sentiments into delicate strands of coded leaves, seeds and buds. 

Natural materials help me to recall happier times, reminding me of the connection to nature that my father and I shared. The lightness of touch needed to construct these fragile messages mirrors my emotional vulnerability.


I love that the works slowly change and degrade over time: the leaves, seeds and buds, once dry become more fragile, slowly changing colour. Some of the leaves and seeds may fall – meaning some words may disappear with time. This ephemeral quality reminiscent of life’s own impermanence and inevitable decay.



2017 / 2018

Botanical matter, needle, thread

Variable dimensions (average length approx 100 cm)

Private Collection/s


Photo courtesy: James Gordon, Stuart Clark

Morse Code (Botanical) 2018 [Detail]

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